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Welcome to the Western Kentucky DX Association website!

The Western Kentucky DX Association is an amateur radio club in Bowling Green, Kentucky, dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in working other amateurs all over the world. The club was founded in the early 1980ís. Since that time the members have worked many DX stations during contests and regular day-to-day operations.

Specialized interests among club members include: operating QRP; making contacts via satellite; collecting grid squares (by six meters and satellites); constructing antennas; kit building; passing out contacts for those needing Kentucky while working toward WAS; operating different modes; conducting VE testing sessions; preparing for emergencies; and of course just having fun rag chewing.

Since its creation, the club has had several different special activities:

  • Awarding a colorful certificate to any DX station that submits a log showing they worked three of our members.
  • Supporting a special event station for admirers of the Corvette sports car made only in Bowling Green. Each year Bowling Green hosts a Corvette Homecoming during which hundreds of Corvette owners visit our city.
  • Setting up for Field Day each year and operating QRP (CW and SSB). National rankings as high as 4th in our category have been achieved.

Thanks for checking out our club, 73.


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